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March 13, 2013

Something for everyone in a low carbon future

Environmentalists have long struggled to make their green agenda relevant to communities that are facing severe social and economic challenges – it’s hard to be worried about saving the planet when the choice between eating and heating your home is a daily reality. The Climate Challenge Fund has tried to recognise this and recently announced a ‘refresh’ of its funding priorities. Hopefully, this means we’ll see more projects like the one in Kirkcaldy which seems to have bridged this gap –saving carbon can also put money in your pocket.


Cosy-Up Kirkcaldy

Greener Kirkcaldy had some fantastic news recently that is going to allow them to continue and expand their popular and successful energy advice service.  They were awarded £177,000 from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund for their new ‘Cosy-Up Kirkcaldy’ project.

The project will operate in 6 neighbourhoods in Kirkcaldy – Gallatown, Sinclairtown, Templehall East, Hayfield, Smeaton and Linktown – where they will be holding pop-up advice shops, recruiting volunteer Energy Champions from the community and giving tailored home energy advice to householders through home visits.  In all they aim to work with 600 households to help them save energy, carbon and money whilst staying warm and comfortable in their homes.  They hope to really get local residents on board to understand their energy use, insulate their homes and make the most of their heating.

Suzy Goodsir, project manager explains: ‘The cost of gas and electricity keeps going up and many families in Kirkcaldy are struggling to pay high fuel bills. We’re delighted to build on our energy advice work over the last three years to be able to help even more people save energy and money.  We also look forward to recruiting 2 members of staff and to building a strong group of volunteers.’  Volunteer Energy Champions will form a big part of this project and for them it will be a great opportunity to gain skills and experience as well as creating a pool of knowledge in the community for the future.

Suzy adds: ‘We’re keen to work with other local community groups’. Anybody who is interested in volunteering or groups interested in working with Greener Kirkcaldy should contact

Fuel Efficient Driver Training

Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of March 2013, Greener Kirkcaldy Advice Centre

They are offering FREE Fuel Efficient Driver Training lessons (normal price £40) in March.

Understanding how to drive more efficiently could save you a lot of money on your fuel bills. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that after training you could save as much as two months’ worth of fuel each year.

During the 50 minute session an accredited instructor will tell you all you need to know about how the way you drive can have a significant impact on how much fuel you use.  13 people took part in these courses with us in August and between them they have made an estimated saving of £1973 and about 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide.  Feedback from participants was also very positive:

“Great – will implement advice given in my driving for sure.  Great instructor, great advice.  Thanks!”

“Instructions were clear and lots of helpful tips given for more efficient driving.”