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January 29, 2014

Bridge Rising

The first ever Private Finance Initiative in Scotland was used to finance the Skye Bridge. As a means of financing large scale infrastructure projects, PFI (and its PPP successors) has been described as a ‘dripping roast’ on which the private sector has feasted.  There’s been widespread ill feeling towards these projects but nothing to compare with the local reaction on Skye to the charging of tolls on the bridge. The ten year campaign of mass protest which resulted in a famous victory is told in a new film -The Bridge Rising- that had its world premiere last Sunday.


media coop is a team of award-winning media professionals who specialise in creating digital media and films for the third sector and broadcast television.

An Drochaid/The Bridge Rising is our lively documentary about the ten-year battle against the Skye Bridge tolls. Originally broadcast in shorter form on BBC Alba, this new cinematic version, featuring more of the story and an especially commissioned sound track, has been supported by Creative Scotland.  An Drochaid/The Bridge Rising follows the many twists and turns of events through the words of the protagonists themselves, from protesters to prosecutors, engineers to financiers, politicians to police officers, uncovering several surprises in the telling.


To view a clip of the film, click here