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February 12, 2014

Football needs a new owner

The often troubled relationship between those who form the bedrock of Scottish football (the fans) and that mysterious group of individuals and consortia purporting to be owners (on a spectrum ranging from the deluded philanthropist to the asset stripping fraudster) seems beyond reconciliation. A healthier model of ownership for these vital community institutions already thrives in other countries (Germany and Spain) and is slowly catching on here. A week-long celebration of community ownership begins on Monday.


Between 17th and 23rd of February, Supporters Direct Scotland will be hosting a weeklong celebration of the community ownership movement across Scotland.

The objective of Community Ownership Week is to promote, celebrate and raise awareness of the Community Ownership of sport clubs and the community ownership movement across Scotland.

At present there are four SPFL clubs under community ownership and we hope the week will educate, empower and inspire more supporters trusts and fan groups to become involved in the ownership of clubs for the benefit of their respective communities.

“Community Ownership Week gives us a chance to celebrate the movement of supporter involvement and ownership of their clubs. We hope the week will both educate and inspire many fans to get involved with their own Supporters Trust and to pursure the idea of further fan involvement in its governance”  – Paul Goodwin

Throughout the week a range of events will be held to promote the movement to various stakeholders within the game, including a presentation to MSPs at Holyrood.

If you’d like to get involved in the week in some way please contact Andrew Jenkin

Andrew Jenkin

Project Manager, Supporters Direct Scotland

t:   01786 845 606


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