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March 12, 2014

Radio reach

Community media has always played an important role in the process of building a strong sense of community. But whether it has kept pace with technology is less clear.  Although websites are just about par for the course, when it comes to maximising the potential of social media, it’s probably fair to say that the community sector is a little off the pace. But that’s not to say it can’t catch up. The community radio sector has just launched Reach – an app so that listeners can stay in touch with their favourite station wherever they are.


Bill Best

The REACH radio player launched in December last year by the Community Media Associationin partnership with Exaget Ltd to serve the community radio sector with its very own mobile radio player, helping listeners to stay tuned in to their favourite community radio station wherever they are. Listeners are also able to connect, engage and share through Facebook, Twitter, SMS and email.

The community radio network now stands at more than 200 stations and continues to grow covering almost every nook and cranny of the UK. Collectively this represents a huge network, unique and diverse in its output and just like any other radio group deserved of its own mobile radio player.

As listening via a mobile device continues to grow the community radio sector is able to take control of their mobile listening experience without each station having to go it alone. Community radio stations have always been a means of strong engagement and participation for local listeners and REACH aiming to ‘reach’ out to listeners on the move who not only wish to stay tuned in but also stay in touch. The continued development of REACH will be led by the CMA and the broadcasters to serve the needs of the community radio audience.

REACH is available in the app stores now: IOS and Android


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