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August 27, 2014

Taking care of your own

Scotland’s demographics present one of the biggest challenges of our time – the ever increasing size of our elderly population. In particular, when independent living is no longer possible, the need to look around for alternatives.  Recent horror headlines exposing the worst examples of care have ironically helped focus attention on where the very best providers can be found which is in the voluntary sector.  A few of these are community owned and run like Waterside View in Renton. Communities looking after their own elderly folk. It sounds right. A model for the future?



Extract and summary of the most recent Care Inspectorate’s report on Waterside View, Renton (full report can be accessed here) – one the country’s few community run care homes

These grades represent our assessment of the quality of the areas of performance which were examined during this inspection.

We gave the service these grades:

Quality of Care and Support                      5 (Very Good)

Quality of Staffing                                        6 (Excellent)

Quality of Management and Leadership 5 (Very Good)

What the service does well

People who use this service continue to be happy with the standard of care and speak highly of the management and staff who provide it. The Management team and staff team listen to the wishes of people using the service and where possible, act on these. The care staff continue to offer care and support to service users and are committed to providing excellent services.


In conclusion, we have found through talking to service users, staff, management team and looking at documents, that the service has the following strengths: the staff team are very good at supporting and encouraging service users to lead active lifestyles. There are positive decisions, through the use of individual and group choices, to ensure that people achieve their potential. The service continues to provide excellent care and strives for continual improvement.

Article in Third Force News highlighting the overall quality of the voluntary sector providers