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September 10, 2014

Two more than most

All communities have stories to tell.  They play such a vital part in shaping a community’s sense of itself. But sometimes the history of a place is so dominant and enduring that it almost dwarfs the present. A community can generally count itself fortunate if it has enjoyed what might be called ‘a period of greatness’ – something really to be remembered for. But for a community to have enjoyed two such periods is virtually unheard of. On the banks of the Clyde, there is one such community.



Two More Than Most is the culmination of months of work from the team on the Some Thing Is Missing project.

Through our research came to learn so much about Govan; about its heritage, its history, its importance, and its people. The film explores these three aspects of the amazing place that is Govan using a quote from historical archaeologist Steven Driscoll as its inspiration: “Govan has had two eras of greatness — that is two more than most places.”

To view a short video of the Two More Than Most project click here