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April 22, 2015

Plenty talk, not enough action

A few years ago, the lexicon of health care embraced some new jargon – co-production and co-design, asset based and community led approaches were everywhere. Back then, CHEX commissioned a report to assess whether community led health organisations had noticed whether any of this had started to become their lived experience. The report concluded that although there was a will on the part of many, the way had yet to be found and as such some major barriers were identified. A follow up study has just been completed to assess whether there’s been any progress since.




Little change in how influential community-led health organisations feel they are with agencies

In 2012, CHEX published Healthy Influences, which explored how influential Scottish community-led health organisations felt they were on policy and strategic decision making by public agencies. The research found that community-led health organisations contributed to local and national planning structures in a range of different ways, from responding to consultations to having representation within planning structures. However, the research also highlighted a range of barriers to involvement and influence, including limited organisational capacity, a lack of information and inaccessible buildings and documents.

This report highlights where and how collaboration and participation has been successful as well as further exploring seemingly persistent barriers to influence.

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