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June 17, 2015

21 for COP21.

Keeping the increase in global warming to below 2°C is widely accepted as of absolutely critical importance. Later this year, the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) will, for the first time in 20 years of UN negotiations, try to secure legally binding and universal agreement on climate to achieve this target. As part of the build up to the conference, the transition network want to publish 21 stories of community action that demonstrate the impact of bottom-up change.



Today we’re launching a search for 21 Stories for COP21.  We’d like you to tell us what you’re accomplishing, and we’ll share it with the world.  In December, world leaders meet in Paris to negotiate a climate treaty.  Transition Network is going to celebrate the remarkable thing Transition has become. A quiet revolution is happening, and gathering pace.  We plan to create a booklet, in many languages, telling the story of 21 diverse and amazing stories, as well as celebrating many more on our website over the next few months.  We need your help.  Let us tell your story.  

They can be large or small, they can be stories of a project or a process, a partnership that really worked, or a group that really made things happen.  They could be stories of new community gardens created, events that had impact, imaginative ways of saving energy, of people connecting, learning and having fun together. They could be about stuff that was built, or relationships strengthened, things that increased the sense of resilience and well-being in your area. What would you like our representatives at COP21 to hear, stories that show that a positive way of living with less is already happening?  With your help we can infuse COP21 with a sense of what’s possible.

We’ve created a simple form, it’ll take you a couple of minutes.  You can share them in your own language, we’ll translate.  Please share your stories and tell the world.  We need them by June 21st … thank you so much!