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September 9, 2015

What matters to me

The idea to crowdsource a Fairer Scotland policy comes from a Government that says it wants to be more open and transparent than ever before. But that’s going to be easier said than done. There’s a whole series of events being run – as you’d expect – but the hope is that communities will really take it upon themselves to have these conversations. Small grants are available to help with that if needed. As our contribution to the cause, we’ve designed a card game – What Matters To Me – to help spark these local conversations. It’s easy to play and the game can be ordered (no charge) from

What Matters To Me – A Fairer Scotland Card Game

Guidelines on how to play.

 Each table of four to five players has a pack of cards. Each card contains a statement that a player might think would contribute to a Fairer Scotland. All the cards are dealt out at the start of the game. In turn, each player lays one card down on the table that they feel strongly about – either positively or negatively.  These are discussed and debated in terms of how much priority should be attached to its contents. There will inevitably be some issues that have been missed from the original cards that people wish to propose and so some blank cards will be available to record what these are. Assuming some kind of consensus can be reached within the group, each card is placed in one of four boxes. Each box reflecting a different level of priority.

1. This is a fundamental corner stone of a fairer society.

 2. This would be a step in the right direction towards creating a fairer society.

3. This has little or nothing to do with creating a fairer society.

4. This would make Scotland a less fair country than it currently is.

When all the cards have been played and allocated to one or other of the boxes, the tables briefly share with the rest of the room how they have allocated their particular cards. Depending on the available time, this might just involve the cards that have been placed in the highest priority boxes.

Then, starting with the cards that have been placed in the fundamental corner stone box, each table has a discussion about what they consider to be the biggest barriers or challenges in bringing about each of the card’s aspirational contents and ,if they can, suggest some actions that might overcome these barriers. If there is time, they should then repeat the exercise with the cards placed in a step in the right direction box.

Telling Scottish Government what matters to you

Scottish Government have set up a Fairer Scotland website  The intention is that communities should feedback to Scottish Government using any way they want. It could be a blog, or a Youtube clip, Instagram, Twitter or any other form of social media. You could just write a letter and send it in the post!

Good luck!