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January 27, 2016

What’s possible Scotland?

Travelling the highways and byways of Scotland, stopping off at 50 communities along the way, is a small campervan adorned with artwork depicting the theme – Possible Scotland. Inside the van are two young designers on a mission to ask Scotland to reimagine itself – and they want to do this from the bottom up. Every community they visit will be invited to get involved in a planning and design exercise to rethink what might be possible for their community. So if you see this van passing by, wave it down. They’re open to offers.


Urban Realm

Lateral North have lifted the lid on a travelling workshop which will call at 50 destinations throughout 2016 as part of a community orientated initiative to produce a contemporary atlas of Scotland and associated database of conversations gathered from the tour.

Possible Scotland is the latest initiative to be conducted by the architecture, research and design collective who have requisitioned a former camper van for their roadshow, delivering masterplanning, regeneration and artistic projects during each stopover.

This work will provide assistance to groups seeking to bring private land under community ownership, identify opportunities for social housing, tackle care for the elderly and investigate renewable technologies and infrastructure.

In a statement Tom Smith and Graham Hogg of Lateral North said: “Possible Scotland aims to bring about change from a grass roots level and what we are aiming to do would create a vision for a future Scotland that is the collective voice of hundreds and thousands of people ¬ it would very much a manifesto for Scotland written by the people of Scotland.

“The more communities we can engage with the more opportunities we believe will showcase themselves. With Scotland a hive of grassroots activity we believe this project can bring communities together that are urban, rural, island and everything else in between.”