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March 9, 2016

We can do much more

While the Alliance’s members all have a shared interest in furthering the cause of community empowerment, they each have their own specific fields of interest as well. That’s why the Report we publish today is by necessity, ‘high level’ and the nature of the changes that we call for are about creating the sort of environment that all communities can thrive in. But across all areas of Government policy, we know that our sector can make an even greater impact. Today we publish two papers – on Transport and Housing – which set out the changes we want to see in these two key areas of policy.



As an appendix to the main report a series of short policy papers will published over the coming weeks and months. These papers demonstrate how much communities already contribute to the outcomes being pursued by Scottish Government. In addition each paper identifies what would enable these contributions to have much more impact. The papers will cover the following areas:


Waste management and the circular economy.

Healthy living

Arts and Culture



Enterprise/ Local Economic Development


Land – Land Use and Planning



Financial Inclusion

As they are published these papers will be posted on the notice board page of our website. Today we are publishing papers on Housing and Transport