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September 7, 2016

A broad alliance

Whenever fracking hits the headlines, the Scottish Government never seems quite able to allay the concerns of those most likely to be affected. The statement usually goes along the lines of ‘there will be no fracking…..unless it can be proven beyond doubt that there is no risk to health, communities or the environment.’ And that leaves just a nagging doubt that there might be enough wiggle room for the powerful fracking lobby to make its case.  It was that uncertainty that led several communities to establish the Broad Alliance.


Broad Alliance

Website of Broad Alliance

Who are we?

Welcome to the Broad Alliance, a coalition of Scottish communities opposed to onshore and near-shore unconventional oil and gas development (BA), supported by range of NGOs, environmental groups, Trades Unions, Public Health experts, and political groups.

BA communities will each have their own specific concerns and spheres of activity, but there is also a significant shared agenda. Member groups have therefore agreed a Protocol to clarify what is shared by all, and to offer guidance about how groups can act on behalf of the wider Alliance.




The Alliance has been in existence since 2014, and has lobbied Scottish Government to ban unconventional gas and oil extraction. Individual groups have experience of Local Public Inquiry, and of local Planning Appeals processes, and there is already significant pooling and sharing of knowledge & resources. 


However, following the announcement of a temporary moratorium on 28th January 2015, when a programme of further reviews was announced by Scottish Government, no timetable has been announced, and developers continue to vigorously promote the activity. The Broad Alliance has therefore agreed protocols and a Steering Group structure, and is working to develop a consistent and pro-active strategic response. Steering group also committed, at their first meeting (March 2014) to arranging quarterly meeting of all members, and arrangements are in hand for an initial meeting (TBD in coming weeks)