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September 7, 2016

Human rights at risk

The UK doesn’t have a constitution but if we did, it would be in crisis.  Last week our new Prime Minister confirmed that there will be no backsliding on the business of Brexit and so that forces the Scottish (and Irish) question to be answered one way or another. In the same week, Justice Secretary Liz Truss confirmed that the Government is going to press ahead with scrapping the Human Rights Act. Except for the fact that it’s enshrined in the 1998 Scotland Act. It’s going to get messy. Civil rights group, Liberty, are campaigning hard to Save Our Human Rights Act. 


Larry Holmes, Liberty

Why is Save Our Human Rights Act important?

Our Human Rights Act protects every one of us: young and old; wealthy and poor; you and your neighbour.

Our HRA has already achieved so much.  It’s held the State to account for spying on us; safeguarded our soldiers; and supported peaceful protest.  It’s helped rape victims; defended domestic violence sufferers; and guarded against slavery.  It’s protected those in care; shielded press freedom; and provided answers for grieving families.

Its protections are the most fundamental – those we should all enjoy, because we’re human.

Think about it.  Which of them would you go without?  The right to life?  The right not to be tortured?  The right to a fair trial?

Would you really be happy if these basic freedoms weren’t properly protected?

Because that’s the threat we now face.

The Government wants to scrap our Human Rights Act, and replace it with their “British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”.

This would weaken the rights of everyone, meaning less protection against powerful interests.  It would also limit human rights to only those cases the Government considers “most serious”.

Can we really trust political elites to decide when our freedoms should apply?

It’s our Human Rights Act. Don’t let them take it away.

Our short ‘My HRA’ films show just how important the Human Rights Act is – for all of us. And this year we have seen the families of both the Hillsborough 96 and Cheryl James finally find some kind of justice for their loved ones. Without our HRA, that would not have been possible.

The Government must stop pouring energy, and yet more public money, into scrapping these hard-won rights and protections. In the current climate, we need them now more than ever.

Liberty won’t give up the fight

Liberty is still working behind the scenes doing everything we can to Save Our HRA.

You can support our work by joining us, and standing together with thousands of other Liberty members fighting to protect our rights and civil liberties.

With thanks for everything you do,


Larry Holmes

Head of Campaigns