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October 19, 2016

The power of everyday relationships

When trying to understand the nature of community or why some civic activities work better than others, we often focus on what is measurable or, in some ways, tangible. But under the surface of what happens in a community, lies a complex web of human emotions and relationships. Perhaps a better understanding of their influence and interplay would lead to a better understanding of community. A fascinating new report by Carnegie UK and JRF into the potential for building kinder communities and the power of everyday relationships.


Zoe Ferguson, Carnegie UK

There is a body of evidence that consistently shows that positive relationships and kindness are at the very heart of our wellbeing.  In this discussion paper Carnegie Associate Zoe Ferguson starts a process to engage directly with people who want to inject kindness back into their work and communities.  This discussion paper explores the evidence on the impact of everyday relationships and kindness on individual and societal wellbeing, and community empowerment and develops a theory of change.  Over the coming months the project aims to learn with communities and organisations involved in developing practical approaches to encourage kinder communities.

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