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March 22, 2017

A Hut of One’s Own

One of the things that strikes any casual observer of allotment sites or any community growing project, is the sheer range of materials that are being used, reused and endlessly recycled to support the principle task of growing fruit and veg.  And it is in the construction of the allotment shed that this creativity is most apparent. A beautiful little book by artist Emily Chappell – A Hut of One’s Own – illustrates the particular ingenuity involved in shed construction and indeed how any old material can be put to good use on your plot.

Emily Chappell

We have one copy of the book that we are happy to pass on to a good home (or hut). Only condition is that you pass it on in similar spirit when you’re finished with it. First come, first served to

A Hut of One’s Own

Quirky and interesting, Emily Chappell uncovers the more unusual side of allotments as social and private spaces for all kinds of people.

Allotments are places to grow food – but they are so much more than that. They are also places that encourage spontaneity, exploration, learning, sharing, restful activity and camaraderie. This book is a celebration of the allotment hut and the wonderful invention and resourcefulness that makes each one unique.

The original illustrations offer inspiration for how to create your own, very special shed. This is the ideal gift book for allotment folk, gardeners or those curious about the quirkier side of life.