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July 26, 2017

Planning by phone

Scottish Government, after reviewing the submitted evidence for the Planning Bill, has published a ‘position statement’ which is a good indication of what the Bill will contain. Despite significant community support for the proposal, there is still no shift towards any kind of community right to appeal – with the civil servants remaining steadfastly convinced of the merits of early engagement in the system. Local Place Plans, however, feature prominently in their thinking.  An innovation that communities may find useful in this respect – a cleverly designed Place Standard app has just been launched.

Scottish Government

An app for the Place Standard has been developed for the first time. It is now available to download for free for Android or Apple smartphones or tablets.

Over the coming weeks, the Place Standard team would like to hear what you think about the app so that they can update it and ensure it becomes the best tool possible. If you have any comments, please email the team at