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January 23, 2019

Dynamic governance

In recent years there has been growing interest in different models of organisation and governance. Frederick Laloux, in his book Reinventing Organisations, considered a range of organisational models within the context of different eras through history. He concluded that in the modern era, we are beginning to see a new model emerge – the self-managing organisation. The ideas that underpin this model also seem closely aligned to the concepts of Sociocracy or Dynamic Governance which have been around since in 1945. One of the leading thinkers on Sociocracy is coming to Edinburgh next month. Worth catching. 

Background Story on Sociocracy

Sociocracy is a novel, socially responsible system of governance originated in The Netherlands.  In 1945 Kees Boeke, a Dutch educator and pacifist, adapted Quaker egalitarian principles for secular organisations: Sociocracy allows us to give and receive effective leadership while remaining peers. [from SoFA website]

Gerard Endenburg, a pupil of Kees Boeke became a skilled engineer and developed the vision into a body of well-tested procedures and practical principles using his family’s electrical contractor firm as a living laboratory.  Still going after 60 years, it has no traditional owner: the first “free company.”

Today, a wide range of organizations in other European countries, Brazil, and the United States use Sociocracy.  Ranging from manufacturing companies to health care organizations, to a public school system, and a growing number of voluntary organisations, they find benefit in Dynamic Governance.

More at Sociocracy For All

With short 4 minute video at

What is Sociocracy all about?

In the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network we have been exploring how we can improve our collaborative processes for community-led change.  Drawing on positive experiences with local and European networks that have adopted Sociocratic decision-making – also known as Dynamic Governance – we have slowly picked up some of the principles of working together … and we find them helpful! 

So, when we heard that a leading light, and co-founder of Sociocracy For All, was going to be in Britain, we asked Jerry Koch-Gonzalez to share his experience with us in Scotland.  Hence a Sociocracy Training Weekend set for Sat 23 / Sun 24 Feb 2019 in Edinburgh.

Movements for change can sometimes be difficult places.  There’s the imperative to promote social justice against the odds, the very different amount of time and effort that people can put in, the tyranny of structureless-ness and the pressures of burnout. 

Sometimes old structures don’t work.  If your organisation is looking for new approaches, a few different ways of doing things to unleash members’ creativity, and help get things done, then see if two or even three people could attend one or both of these sessions:

Introduction: Sat 23 February


Implementation: Sun 24 February