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March 20, 2019

Through the fog comes Brexit

Despite the distinctly surreal edge to the debate (can we even call it that?) surrounding our exit from the EU, a lot of people are doing a lot of thinking and planning for various scenarios and increasingly that has been towards the worst case scenario of departing in a week’s time without any deal at all. With so many known unknowns, it is difficult to plan with any degree of certainty but Scottish Government has just published a useful guide and toolkit to help our sector think about some of the issues and plan for whatever is to come.

Scottish Government

This workshop toolkit has been developed for voluntary and community sector resilience partners to use if they want to run their own in-house business continuity workshops in light of EU Exit challenges.

The workshop materials reflect the content and structure of workshops which have been run in partnership with Regional Resilience Partners and the Health and Social Care Sector. However the information contained in the attached documents has been de-classified and drawn from open source materials, i.e. trusted websites and mainstream news articles.

The purpose of running a workshop on potential impacts of the EU Exit could be to help your organisation:

·         Look again at your existing business continuity arrangement and ensure they’re fit for purpose in light of potential challenges.

·         Consider what the challenges might be to your organisation, staff and stakeholders and discuss how your organisation can be prepared for potential disruptions

·         Ensure you are working closely with existing partners to ‘share the load’, or identify potential opportunities, or increased demands on your service, arising from potential disruptions.

·         Consider how your organisation can be better plugged into partnership arrangements such as the Regional Resilience Partnerships at a local level.

These are just some suggested reasons to run a workshop for your organisation.

If you are using this toolkit to deliver a workshop to your own organisations, please add, adapt and delete any content as necessary to reflect the needs or your own settings. The toolkit materials could also be scaled up or down depending on the nature and scale of your organisations.

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