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November 19, 2019

Food for Life

Food is such an intrinsic part of our wellbeing, it’s a mystery as to why it’s not more of a national priority – particularly given the multiple issues of food poverty, obesity and associated health conditions and the wider issues of social cohesion.  An important conference organised by Nourish Scotland takes place tomorrow and Friday in Edinburgh which will plan the necessary steps Scotland has to take to become a Good Food Nation. Added to this, Soil Association Scotland is offering some  funding to groups who’d like to run Food for Life Get Togethers. Slowly but surely, food is moving up the agenda.

Joe Hind, Soil Association Scotland

Food for Life Get Togethers is here!

Calling Communities in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverclyde – Can You Help Bring People of Different Ages Together Around Good Food?

The Food for Life Get Togethers team in Scotland is aiming to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together around good food. This can help build and strengthen communities and spread the word about good food, which we believe should be available for everyone, no matter their background or income. Good food is food that’s good for us, good for the environment, and good for the local economy. Food for Life Get Togethers provides a fun and accessible way to connect communities in schools, care and community settings including gardens, kitchens and dining places right across our communities.

Anyone who is able to plan and host a Get Together is welcome to join in by taking three easy steps:

  1. Plan – Do you want to focus on growing, cooking, eating or all three? Why not involve the participants in the planning, to help ensure that your event is by and for the community involved.
  2. Register – just click the link: This is where we come in! By registering you will gain our support:
    1. An Inspiration Pack to your door – with how-to guides, ice breaker ideas etc.
    2. Training & Resources – we have regular training opportunities around topics such as inter-generational good practice as well as resources covering possible cooking & growing activities and more.
    3. Support – we are here to help, so once you have registered, please do let us know if you have any particular barriers to holding your own Food for Life Get Together which we might be able to address. For example, match making with another local group/school/care home to help ensure your event is a success.
    4. Publicity – as part of the Soil Association, we can help you share your events and successes via social media to our 100,000+ followers.
    5. Become part of a growing movement – by working with us you can help strengthen your community and provide meaningful and memorable experiences for people of all ages and backgrounds.
  3. Hold your Food for Life Get Together! With our support and your enthusiasm, we can create amazing activities that will boost our communities.

Still not sure? Contact us to find out more:


In addition to working with groups to support events/activities we also have a funding opportunity open until November 2019 for potential local partners in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverclyde who can help deliver innovative ways of bringing people of different ages and backgrounds together through good food.

Summary of key info related to the funding:

  • Up to £10,000 is available per project for a minimum of four projects starting in January 2020 which will run until no later than May 2021.
  • We are looking for partners that can demonstrate genuine understanding of what is needed in their communities and have the skills and energy to use food to bring people together across different generations.
  • Projects must be in the test and learn regions of Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverclyde.
  • Eligible partners include: not for profit settings such as community groups, nurseries, schools, care homes, community health and social care settings, housing associations, charities and local groups.
  • Applications must be received by 12pm on 29th November.

For further information and to receive a copy of the application form and detailed guidance about the funding please get in touch:

Joe Hind – Scotland Programme Manager, Food for Life Get Togethers, Soil Association Scotland,