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December 17, 2019

Your part in history

One of the somewhat dubious advantages of getting older is that there comes a time when your working life is mostly behind you as opposed to stretching out in front as a smorgasbord of future possibilities. As a consequence, I have become increasingly interested in the story of how the community sector has developed over the years. What factors shaped the way the sector has developed? What made a difference? Anyone intrigued by such questions might be interested in a session offered by the GCU archive centre in January.

Gill Murray, GCU

Workshop: Offering Material to the Social Enterprise Collection

GCU Archive Centre

28th January 2020


9.30am-10am: Registration 

10am: What is the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland)?

  • Introduction to the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland)
  • Group discussion: relevance and value of archival material for social enterprises

10.30am: Offering material

  • Types and formats of records
  • Filling out an offering form
  • Group discussion: material currently held by social enterprises

11.15am: Tour of archive holdings

11.30am: Records management     

  • Advice on managing records
  • Q&A

12noon: Lunch

12.30pm: Close

To book your place please email Gill:

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