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June 30, 2020

Laird’s blatant disregard

It isn’t a legal requirement for landowners to engage with local people on decisions about land but since the publication of guidance by Scottish Land Commission, there’s been an expectation that most landowners would comply.  And while many landowners have welcomed the new protocols on community engagement, clearly some have not. A fairly shocking example of blatant disregard of the guidance has just occurred on a Stirlingshire estate. Equally shocking is the local planning authorities apparent enthusiasm to grant retrospective permissions. All of which strengthens the call for more legislation. This letter from residents says it all.

Dunblane Community Website

Local reaction to the recent unilateral actions of the Glassingall Estate owned by Ann Gloag to demolish and burn the remains of Glassingall House without any of the necessary permissions or before consulting with the local community.

See letter to Glassingall Estate from local residents

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