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October 6, 2020

Power of peers

The speed and flexibility of the community response to Covid has been one of the most striking features of the past six months and it’s clear that the lessons learned during those early months will be called upon during what looks likely to be a challenging winter. The Community Learning Exchange is one means of both recognising the scale of what communities have been doing and capitalising on all that experience to support and build the capacity elsewhere. A great example is Health n Happy, a development trust serving Rutherglen and Cambuslang, who have begun sharing their unique approach to lockdown.

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Two months into lockdown, Healthy n Happy decided to use the opportunity to design something new. Our Gathering was created: an ambitious 3-month series of plenaries, research and themed working groups, to learn, reflect and plan together.

All staff including core team and hourly rate workers, and our Board members, would come together as peers, to explore our shared and unique experiences of lockdown. Through various tools and activities, including themed working groups, reading and research, and the 3 horizons model, we produced a legacy and a series of plans for the emerging futures.

Our learning exchange event (held on 6th October) will explore the write-up of our journey, present pecha kuchas from the working groups, and give opportunity for all participants to discuss our learning and ways in which they might use the learning in their own journeys.