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November 3, 2020

Votes against

Like many parts of the Highlands, the Morvern peninsula is faced with challenges of a declining and ageing population and a shortage of affordable housing and jobs. The community has been working hard to bring the 2,600 hectare Killundine Estate into community ownership. With the potential to create jobs, new housing, woodland crofts and a sustainable income stream, plus a supportive landowner, the biggest hurdle seemed to be the asking price – £2.7m. Even with a £1m grant from Scottish Land Fund, £1.7m is a lot to raise. Somehow they achieved it but even then, it wasn’t to be. 

Morvern Community Woodlands

A statement from Morvern Community Woodlands

Friday 30th October 2020

We have had the results of the Morvern community ballot on Killundine. After the votes were counted there were 103 votes in favour and 142 against. This is a definitive no vote and we will not be progressing with the project. In the last week, with some extremely hard work by our volunteers, we had lined up over £1.4 million in charitable funding for this project, mostly from benefactors, which would have guaranteed the purchase of the estate and initiated its redevelopment, providing jobs and housing for local people and restoring the buildings and environment. We also had over £20,000 pledged in donations which would have come into the community. This will not now happen. We are disappointed in this but at the same time we wish the future owners of Killundine, whoever they may be, every good wish in redeveloping the estate in the way they see fit, and hopefully in a way which is of benefit to the community.

MCW are hugely grateful for all the fantastic help and support for the Killundine Estate purchase both locally, nationally, and internationally. Donations can be returned; please see the note regarding this on the LocalGiving page and updates will be provided soon.

Further information about the bid to buy Killundine is archived on our website. Click here


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