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November 17, 2020

A smaller place

One of the undoubted pluses to emerge from the Age of Zoom has been the greatly increased accessibility of meetings and events – not to mention the reduced carbon footprint. For better or worse, the world has become a much smaller place with opportunities to meet truly amazing people from all over the planet. The Global South Speaker Series organised by Glasgow based WEvolution is a good example. These engaging conversations with global community leaders are not to be missed. Next up is a must for anyone with half an interest in credit unions and community banking.


The Emerging Future is a Collective #GlobalSouthSeries

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Can the insights and solutions to some of the issues in the Global South help the UK to recover and rebuild differently in a post-pandemic era?

WEvolution’s Global South Speaker Series is an opportunity to listen to and interact with simple, inspirational and system-altering programmes and movements from founders in the Global South.

Part 2 / 4 in conversation with Salomón Raydan.

Salomon’s work around savings and his belief that the poorest in the society have the ability to save have led to the development of a fascinating community-based banking model in Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin America. For the UK, this seems to be the right time to grapple with alternative financial systems where microcredit is not the answer to all our financial ills.” – Noel Mathias, Founder & MD, WEvolution

Since 1955, Salomon has dedicated himself to studying the subject of ‘emotional economy’. Financial inclusion and education are not enough; we must move forward towards ‘financial wellbeing’ and in order to achieve this, it’s important that we work on a family’s emotional relationship with money.

The Bankomunales model is based on the idea that saving is the main need of vulnerable families, as well as on the principle that bank access is not the only way to facilitate inclusion and financial education, but rather there are informal associative financial mechanisms with large cultural acceptance, which can be improved to include and financially educate the vulnerable population.

This model began to be tested in different countries on various continents and by 2015 it had been replicated in pilot projects in more than 15 countries on four continents

Since 2015 Salomon has been responsible for the replication of the Bankomunales model in 6 Latin American countries

This conversation will be hosted by Perdita Fraser. With a passion for innovation, social mobility and building cross-sector partnerships, Perdita was named as one of the “100 Women to Watch” on the female FTSE Board Report 2015. A former investment banker with JP Morgan, Perdita is a board member of the National Lottery Community Fund and the university of Edinburgh.

This event will take place over Zoom and the joining instructions will be sent following registration.

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This event is co-hosted by The David Hume Institute.