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July 20, 2021

Whatever works for you 

Why do some places work better as places than others?  Despite all the research, it seems there’s no set formula for success. How well each place works  is the result of a rich and complex alchemy of factors. And to further complicate things the same factors may succeed in one place but fail in another. So, nothing is certain but some things are beginning to become clearer.  Firstly, anyone and everyone in a place can make a difference. And secondly, there is a growing body of good practice to draw on. All now available in this shiny new TownToolKit.

Scotland's Town Partnership


This Toolkit is designed to be a source of inspiration for anyone who wants to make their town centre better. Whether you’re from a local authority, community group, business, social enterprise or other organisation – you will find ideas here that you can put into action.

The aim of the Toolkit is to put Scotland’s policy approach to town centres into practice. It shows how you can work collaboratively with other organisations in your town centre to deliver the Town Centre First Principle, the Place Principle and the Place Standard.

By using this Toolkit in your town centre, you’ll be doing your bit to contribute to Scotland’s big future challenges – the climate emergency, health and wellbeing, inclusive growth, inequalities and community empowerment.


The Toolkit is full of tried and tested ideas to help your town centre, including recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bulk of the Toolkit covers different topics: arts and culture, buildings and property, clean and green, enterprise and business, and streets and spaces. Under each topic, you’ll find:

  • Practical suggestions to help your town centre be active, attractive and accessible.
  • Examples drawn from around Scotland – and some international examples to help us raise our game.
  • Other resources such as information, guides and funding.


The Taking action section helps you navigate through the challenging territory of making things happen. It covers things like funding, governance and measuring success.

Want to be inspired? Check out the inspiration section to see success stories from town centres around the country. Some might surprise you!

Is anything missing? Please tell us! We want to keep the Toolkit live and useful. So, if you want your town to be included as a case study, know of new funding or resources, or have seen a good idea or example to add to the Toolkit – please contact us using the link at the bottom of each page.