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August 3, 2021

A river’s heritage

It is unusual to find a community without some kind of repository for local history and heritage. In many cases, where the celebration of a community’s heritage is well established, a small museum may exist but almost always some local history group will exist as a point of reference for those with an interest in the past. Perhaps because the maritime heritage of the River Clyde runs through so many different communities, the incredible story of shipbuilding and marine engineering on the Clyde has yet to be brought together in one place. That omission is about to be corrected.

Ship Yard Trust

The Ship Yard Trust has been working on this project since September 2017 and registered as a charity in Scotland since June 2018. We were delayed in launching by COVID-19 and anticipating the public are now looking to the future with some optimism hence the timing of our launch.​

The great industrial achievements of the River Clyde in engineering and shipbuilding are widely known not just in the United Kingdom, but around the world. Despite this, there is no single location on the Clyde where this world-class story can be told. 

The time has come to recognise the vision of those who established these industries, of the innovation central to their success and to the contribution made by hundreds of thousands of men and women over many decades who toiled through good times and bad times to manufacture remarkable products and make the name Clydebuilt synonymous with excellence.

The Shipyard Trust has been formed to focus attention on these achievements, to recognise the contributions made by hundreds of thousands of people and engage with all parties necessary to formulate a strategy that permanently acknowledges this outstanding industrial heritage.

Please email with your feedback, ideas and suggestions. Consulting with the public is essential to continue the project successfully.