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June 28, 2022

Tourism for the community

With the holiday season in full flood and the prospect of flying increasingly fraught with cancellations and long queues, the staycation could be here to stay. Tourism has always been hugely important to the Scottish economy – estimated to generate £6bn  – and many communities have begun to develop services and facilities in an attempt to capture some of that tourist cash for the common good. Recently some folk from different parts of the country have started to join the dots of the community tourism picture, recently launching a new national network  – SCOTO. The potential of community tourism is massive.


Who we are
SCOTO is a network of community tourism enterprises located throughout Scotland and led by a team of dynamic indviduals who each have extensive and varied experience in community tourism.
Why make a conscious choice?
Communities across Scotland own and operate a range of tourism services and experience ready for you to enjoy. By making a conscious choice on your travels, any spend you make will have important benefits that are felt across the host community.
SCOTO members are unlike other tourism providers because they are owned and operated by the communities they serve. Every penny spent with our members is reinvested back into local services, generating immediate and long-lasting benefits for that host community.
Community Tourism is delivered by professionals but also invariably engages volunteers who invest their time with a real passion for their local area, making your experience memorable. These enterprises are highly innovative and entrepreneurial in everything they do.