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June 28, 2022

Waste not

Some years ago, I met a remarkable social entrepreneur from Oregon, USA who took the view that there was no waste product on the planet that he couldn’t repurpose in some way and find a market for. Terry McDonald would treat it as a personal affront if he couldn’t extract further value from an apparently useless item otherwise heading to landfill. He didn’t name it as such, but the many social enterprises he established were a forerunner of the circular economy. Circular Communities Scotland ask you to support their call for a truly ambitious Circular Economy Bill for Scotland.

Circular Communities Scotland

Circular Economy

In a circular economy we keep products in high value economic use for as long as possible. If someone is finished with a product it is reused by someone else. If a product is broken it is repaired. If a product cannot be reused, then its materials which are also valuable resources are recycled.

At Circular Communities Scotland, we empower our national network of reuse, repair and recycling charities in two ways:

  • Representing our membership and the sector to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Supporting our membership and facilitating the growth of our sector in Scotland

As well as supporting and representing our members, we are also involved in projects and programmes to support the third sector, in pursuit of zero waste.

You can help by signing our call to the Scottish Government to deliver a strong and ambitious Circular Economy Bill