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July 26, 2022

Land reform in a Net Zero Nation

In recent weeks, Land Reform Minister, Mairi McAllan, has been introducing a series of events around the country to explore how land reform will contribute towards Scotland’s ambition to become a net zero nation. This next Land Reform Bill, due to be introduced in Parliament by the end of 2023, aims both to focus on tackling large scale acquisitions and concentration of landownership as well as exploring how land use and ownership can help tackle climate change. Anyone responding to the consultation may find it useful to check out Andy Wightman’s series of detailed blogs on the matter.

Andy Wightman

Land Matters is the blog and website of Andy Wightman. Andy is a respected writer and campaigner on land rights, democracy and the economy.

He has published two blogs in relation to the Scottish Government’s recently launched consultation – Land Reform in a Net Zero Nation

First blog takes the form of an overview and introduction to the consultation

Second blog explores the aspects of the consultation which are about scale and concentration of landownership