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January 24, 2023

Food system must change

Not only do spiralling food prices mean people are buying less in quantity but also, inevitably, less in quality too – with all the implications for our health and wellbeing. Taking bread as a marker of this trend, the option to buy cheap, highly processed, white sliced loaves as the easiest way to offset hunger pangs is an obvious and understandable temptation. But very much under the radar, the emergence of a network of food hubs supporting community growing and bread-making suggests that an alternative food system could be available for everyone. The Real Bread Festival next month should offer some pointers.

Scotland The Bread

– The first ever Scottish Real Bread Festival –

– Bowhouse –

– Saturday February 25th 2023 –


Come to Bowhouse for a brand new festival celebrating all things Real Bread, packed with workshops, talks, hands-on activity and the results of the 2023 Scottish Bread Championship.

The Festival rounds off Real Bread Week (18th to 26th February) with an exciting programme including:

  • The premiere of a short film celebrating the new wave of agroecological Scottish grain, flour & bread
  • The awards ceremony of the newly relocated Scottish Bread Championship (full details and entry form here)
  • A keynote speech and panel discussion from the Coordinator of The Real Bread Campaign
  • Straw weaving workshop
  • A Taste of Diversity: A chance to try different grains (heritage, landraces, ancient, populations)
  • Real Bread focused market stalls
  • The Big Thrash (especially for children), from sheaf to sourdough by hand: thresh (in a bag), winnow, grind
  • Bannocks & Ballads: stories and songs from Marie Louise Cochrane, The Storytelling Cook
    …and much more!

Entry is free, but all donations are welcomed and will support Scotland The Bread’s work.