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February 21, 2023

Shared ownership on offer

It’s frustrating that despite the growth of the renewable energy sector and the vast wealth that it generates, there’s still no national plan to capture a proportion of that wealth for the common good. Some communities, through sheer hard work and perseverance, have managed to secure a slice of the action. Others have been gifted crumbs from the developers’ table of ££ per MW to compensate for the inconvenience. But now shared ownership seems to be on offer from many developers.  It’s not a national plan but so far it’s the best we’ve got. Local Energy Scotland are offering support to any community that’s tempted..


Local Energy Scotland

Local Energy Scotland supports communities and developers to explore shared ownership of wind farms. Whilst most communities with wind farm developments near them are very familiar with community benefit funds, there’s very little knowledge about shared ownership. We’re keen to raise awareness about this to ensure that community groups have a little bit of knowledge about the process and the support available when developers either approach them, or to empower them to approach developers about shared ownership.

Local Energy Scotland is holding a session targeted at community groups in the South of Scotland, where there are a large number of developments at various stages. Events in other areas to follow. If you are able to let your members know about it, it would be much appreciated: Introduction to shared ownership · Local Energy Scotland