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April 18, 2023

Mapping the policy landscape – literally

There’s a small group of people whose job is to track the policy world. Many policy ideas never see the light of day but some find their way into party manifestos which may in time be included in a programme for government which should then become government policy or even legislation. And, in theory, all these policy ideas are intended to form part of a coherent whole and it’s at this point – the extent to which they can be understood as being interconnected – that most people lose the will to live. Great work by Nourish Scotland to save our sanity.


Policy map: see it, say it, sort it 

A lot is happening in Scotland’s food policy. From community wealth building, to circular economy to agriculture bill, there is an abundance of opportunities to improve our food system.

With so many legislative openings in the mix, could this be too much of a good thing? It can certainly be easy to get lost in the complexity. What we need is a map – a way to see where different pieces of legislation overlap, criss-cross, where they could be extended and link up with other agendas. That’s what our latest policy map is all about. Inspired by the map of London tube map, it shows the potential connectivity of food policy initiatives and how to make the most of them.

We hope it will prove a useful resource for both the policy makers and the wider civil society.