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May 2, 2023

The trick to longevity

Historically, groups that deliver youth work are often regarded as a soft touch for funders looking to make cuts. And often that’s because the true value of good youth work is rarely appreciated. A decision to close down a youth club or lose some youth work hours can take months and sometimes years to make its impact felt, but by the time it does the damage will irreversible. Consequently, it’s most unusual for a youth project to be as enduring and resilient as the one that has served the Gorbals and Govanhill communities since 1967. What’s their secret?

Crossroads Youth and Community Association


GOOD youth and community work have never been more important, yet far too little
attention is given to its importance or its impact.
Crossroads Youth and Community Association launched Resistance and Re:creation, an
exploration of over 50 years of working alongside the people of Gorbals and Govanhill to
challenge adversity, pursue social justice, and helping people flourish.
There is much talk about the ‘wellbeing economy’: Crossroads believes that this can only be
based on the values of acceptance, inclusion, involvement and empowerment of those with
an unheard voice.
As with many other community led organisations, and despite its survival for over 50 years,
Crossroads continues to struggle against funding cuts, policy shifts, and exclusion from
public debate. The report brings together the arguments that now need to be made to
ensure a sustainable and effective community sector.
For further information please contact Stuart Hashagen at or on 07933

About Crossroads
Crossroads Youth &amp; Community Association is, by third sector standards, an old Charity. It was
established in 1967 as a registered charity to deliver youth and community work alongside the
people of Gorbals and Govanhill areas of Glasgow. Our mission statement has remained the
same since it was articulated by one of the charity’s founders in 1967: Everyone has the right to
live gloriously. Whatever in society makes this impossible must be challenged; whatever in the
individual may make it possible must be nurtured and strengthened.
The charity was conceived by and for local people who felt best placed to identify and deliver
solutions that meet their needs in their community. Currently, Crossroads is led by a Board of
volunteers who live locally and/or care about the welfare and wellbeing of the Gorbals and
Govanhill communities.
The ‘right to live gloriously’ is the keystone of our work. Above all we recognise the right of
everyone and every community to have broadly equal access to the material and social means
necessary to live a meaningful and flourishing life. A flourishing life is one in which an individual’s
and community’s capacities and talents have developed in ways that enable them to pursue their
life goals, so that in some general sense they have realised their potential and purposes.