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June 13, 2023

Climate Confidence

Research published this week by NESTA into voting intentions at the next General Election suggests climate change is way down the list of voter priorities. When asked for their top three, only 12% gave it a mention. And this same apparent ‘indifference’  applies to our third sector. Beyond the environmental NGOs and the growing (but still relatively small) number of climate active communities, many third sector organisations feel at a complete loss to know what to do and so end up leaving it to others. Growing Climate Confidence could be exactly what these groups are looking for.

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Growing Climate Confidence


Scotland’s third sector told us they need support to understand the climate crisis, and how they can take action- in their own organisations and with wider communities. We support and encourage organisations to take their very first steps in reducing their carbon emissions while helping them to embed sustainability within their work.


The climate emergency affects us all. But as organisations across the third sector try to cope with rising running costs and increasing demand on services, environmental action can too often be pushed down the road. For organisations that focus on social rather than environmental causes, it can be difficult to know where to start and what action will be most proportionate and impactful. As funders and procurement increasingly look for evidence of progress towards net-zero, some organisations are feeling lost.


The Growing Climate Confidence website is for third sector organisations in Scotland looking for help to reduce emissions and engage their communities. We know that learning about climate change and net zero can be overwhelming – there’s so much to read, watch and think about. We’ve pulled together resources that we think are interesting, from top tips to policy reports, so they’re all in one place.

The website provides information about what the climate crisis is and actions that voluntary sector organisations can take to tackle it. Organisations can find out how to take action, search for funding, and share what they are doing to inspire others.

The Growing Climate Confidence scorecard helps organisations to assess where they are on their net zero journey and where they can find funding and support to make changes.