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March 12, 2024

Getting round the kitchen table

Scotland’s food system seems riven with contradictions. We extol the virtues of our world class food producers but yet have large swathes of the population who cannot afford to put food on their table. Our supermarkets and agrifood industry have shaped our diets in ways that have resulted in a public health crisis of obesity, diabetes and numerous preventable diseases. And yet we seriously talk about wanting to become a Good Food Nation. So how to turn that tide of ill health and begin to junk the junk food? The answer is slowly, one kitchen table talk at a time.

Scottish Food Coalition

Are you keen to ensure the Good Food Nation (Scotland) Act delivers on its promise?

Do you want to help shape the National Good Food Nation Plan, and scrutinise how the Government implements the promises outlined in the Act?

The Scottish Food Coalition wants to encourage as many people as possible to feed into the draft GFN National Plan before it goes to Parliament.

We are inviting anyone with an interest in food to host an informal group conversation, a KITCHEN TABLE TALK, to ensure everyone in Scotland has their say.

Not sure what’s involved?  All you need is a small group of people, a table for you to sit around, a couple of hours together and a desire to explore how we can ensure Scotland is a nation where everyone can afford food that is good for themselves, good for the people that produce it and good for the planet.   

We will send you hard copies of all the resources in our Kitchen Table Talks resource pack, to provide you with everything you need to support anyone – friends, family, colleagues, community members – to take part in the consultation.


  1. Have a read through our “Guide for Hosts”. 
  2. Fill in our pre-event form to let us know when you want your Kitchen Table Talk to go ahead and we’ll send you a pack in the post with:
  • prompt cards
  • simplified consultation response forms
  • pre-paid envelopes for participants to return their responses
  • a record sheet for you to jot down some of the questions, hopes and aspirations that come up in your discussion.
  • facilitation notes to guide the conversation.

We’ve designed these Kitchen Table Talks as in-person events, but if the group(s) you support can only meet online,  the activities can easily be adapted for on-screen conversations.

Not sure whether this works for you? Tempted but you’d like to know more? If you have any questions, please contact us at info @ foodcoalition . scot​ .