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Sleat Community Trust

Who We Are

Community Served

Sleat Peninsula, Isle of Skye, Highlands and Islands – with a population of approximately 900 residents

Legal Form / Governance

The Trust, which is a charity, has two Trading subsidiaries which operate several social enterprise activities. Sleat Renewables Ltd (SRL) looks after its forestry, renewables and carbon reduction projects and Sleat Community Trading Company Ltd (SCTCL) runs a successful shop, vehicle fuel station, Post Office and leases a garage facility to a local company.


The Board of Directors consists of eleven local people, elected by the members of the Trust. Full membership is open to anyone over eighteen years of age and living in the Sleat area. Associate membership is open to anyone in the world who has close links with Sleat and supports the Aims and Objectives of Sleat Community Trust.


Sleat Community Trust (SCT) was formed in 2003 to support sustainable economic, environmental and social development in the Sleat Peninsula on the Isle of Skye. The area has been one of the fastest-growing rural areas of Scotland, with extensive community and educational developments and a lively and growing population. The Trust has nearly 500 individual members, with over 40 people being involved in the various groups. Over 70 per cent of the local population are members of the Trust.


The principal objectives of the Trust are to promote the area for the benefit of the inhabitants. This includes areas such as education, renewable energy, housing, leisure, tourism and social facilities, development of local businesses and the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. SCT operates two wholly-owned commercial subsidiaries: Sleat Community Trading Company Limited and Sleat Renewables Limited.


This was not, like some other well-known community trusts on the west coast, a result of land-ownership issues, but because a local estate and crofter-led wind-farm was going to lead to substantial financial benefits for the area and a local body was needed to oversee the distribution.
That project never got off the ground, but the community, long used to being merely reactive, found its collective voice and very soon Sleat Community Trust had a life of its own.


The Trust set out to create a Sustainable Sleat through projects which would enhance the lives of people living here, retain necessary services in Sleat, and develop all our aspirations while maintaining a high quality of the environment.


SCT laid out simple ground rules; to look at all sustainable ideas, to keep the community informed, and to aim for excellence.


Some headline stats:


• Over 70% of adults in the community are members, supporting a wide variety of projects.
• Over 40 people are actively involved.
• The community shows its support when requested.
• Projects in carbon reduction, recycling, bicycling, fuel sales, post office, garage, bat protection, mink removal, subsidised taxis, community gardens, vegetable growing, community forest and lots more.


Facts & Figures


Volunteers – 40

Staff – 1 FT in the Trust, 5 PT in the shop

Turnover - Earned Income

Over £ 1,000,000 including the Armadale Store turnover.




SCTCL operates a retail facility in Armadale which was purchased in 2007 using a grant from the BIG Lottery. The purchase ensured that the petrol station and shop was saved for the area and this service was enhanced a year later with the incorporation of the local Post Office which was in danger of being closed.


The Shop was redeveloped in 2021 with various grant support.


SCTCL also operates Skyenet Community Broadband which supplies Internet access to 132 households.


Visit Sleat is also part of this, and it promotes Sleat as a visitor destination and supports local accommodation suppliers.


The garage area of the facility is leased to a successful local car mechanic whose business has expanded into offering MOT’s. Investment by the Trust, to extend the existing garage property, was one of the main drivers to make this happen.


The Trust purchased a 1000-acre forest in 2011 from the Forestry Commission through the National Forest Land Scheme.


Value of assets –                £700,000


Key Networks

There are nine local groups who are group members of the Trust. They were keen to become involved in the decision-making process and are prepared to spend time and effort identifying the issues surrounding sustainable development in areas such as affordable housing, environment, and tourism.


Outwith Skye, we are a member of DTA Scotland (one of the first) as well as having close working relationships Community Land Scotland, the Community Woodlands Association and Community Energy Scotland.


We also have strong relationships with Highland Council and Highland and Island Enterprise.

What We Do


The Trust has refurbished a property, adjoining their Garage business, to establish a ‘headquarters’ providing a management hub for all the Trusts activities. Our Projects include: Armadale Stores – In 2007, SCT took over ownership of the Skye Ferry Filling Station. Renamed ‘Armadale Stores.’ It moved into a fantastic new building in March 2021. Armadale Stores is managed by the volunteer directors of Sleat Community Trading Co Ltd.


The Store now employs some full and part time staff. The Community Cafe – After the restrictions of Covid and the closure of many facilities, Sleat Community Trust and a team of local volunteers have started a series of Community Café sessions to help people re-connect with friends and to catch up with the news. Sleat Nature Group – The Nature Group organises activities for the local community. These include nature walks, talks, beach cleans and hands-on conservation.


Sleat Micro Hydro Scheme – Sleat Hydro Community Benefit Society was formed in 2020 to utilise the renewable resources of Tormore Forest in producing green electricity. The Scheme was funded via a community share offer which raised £235,000. All profits after paying Dividends to the shareholders are passed directly to the Trust for community benefit. Tormore Forest – In 2005 the SCT Forestry Advisory Group (FAG) was established to consider the viability of bringing Tormore Forest into community ownership – which formally took place in 2011.


As of 2019, harvesting of the majority of the standing timber is complete, with the exception of two areas. Sleat Renewables Ltd continues to manage the forest responsibly and is covered by the Scottish Woodlands Group Certification Scheme, which demonstrates a commitment to good practice in all areas of the operation and allows us to sell woodfuel products which are dual-certified through FSC and PEFC. Skyenet Community Broadband Skyenet Community Broadband provides 132 households locally with Internet access.


Even with competition of the main broadband providers it has stayed stable as customers appreciate a local service with local support. Skyenet employs 1 PT employee who is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance with support in admin from the SCT office.


Visit Sleat Visit Sleat is operated by 2 PT volunteers who organise and help to promote Sleat as a visitor destination by providing both online and paper documents to support local accommodation suppliers and highlight the beauty of the area. SCT also provides a range of other community services and facilities – such as overnight stays at Tormore Forest and Sleat Renewables.


Main Achievements

Being able to develop our projects and community facilities – with a view to both providing better services within our local community as well as contributing to our longer-term sustainability.

What's Next

We are in a period of consolidation and are also helping to refurbish the local playpark.


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Myrielle Macleod

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Armadale, Sleat IV45 8RS

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