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Community Energy Scotland

Scotland’s communities now have over 25MW of renewable electricity generation, with 17MW due to be installed in 2013 and a further 160MW in the pipeline. This will be sufficient to power over 160,000 homes, and will bring more than £20 million annually into community funds. As well as wind and hydro schemes generating electricity for wider distribution, there are hundreds of micro-generation and renewable heat projects in community buildings and social housing.

Community engagement with renewable energy:

•Combats climate change: generating electricity from renewable sources displaces fossil fuels, reducing total carbon emissions.

•Reduces energy use: through energy audits in community buildings and installation of energy efficiency measures.

•Drives rural development: community wind and hydro schemes create jobs in construction and maintenance, whilst fuel supply for biomass supports wider land management objectives.

•Supports community development: renewables installations produce a reliable long-term income for community organisations, facilitating delivery of a broad range of economic, social and environmental benefits.