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Ferguslie Park Housing Association

Facts & Figures

Organisation Name

Ferguslie Park Housing Association

People Benefiting

The entire community

Area Served

Ferguslie Park is a self contained community on the North West edge of Paisley within Renfrewshire.




Ferguslie Park Housing Association, a community-based Housing Association, is the largest social landlord in Ferguslie Park with some 784 properties. In October 2006 the Association became the new owners and managers of the Tannahill Community Centre. This Centre is the hub of Ferguslie Park and is home to a wealth of community facilities including a health centre, nursery, post office, library, cafe, community hall and chemist.  The Association acts as more than a landlord; it oversees local regeneration projects, training and employment projects, and community participation initiatives.With its partners in the local community and local and national government, the Association invests in the physical, social and economic regeneration of Ferguslie Park.

Legal Form

Industrial and Provident Society with charitable status.





Earned Income



Housing properties; Tannahill Centre

Value of assets


Roots & Links


Ferguslie Park Housing Association was formed in May 1992 to improve housing conditions in Ferguslie Park. It continued and extended the roles of the former Dalskeith Housing Co-operative and Westburn Woodvale Liaison Group which had been in operation since 1988.


The Association is governed by a voluntary committee elected annually at its annual general meeting by shareholding members. It currently has 10 committee members.

Community Links

Ferguslie Park Housing Association is community based housing association with its entire assets in Ferguslie Park area. Links to the community have grown since taking over the running of the Tannahill Community Centre in 2006.

External Links

The Association works in partnership with Renfrewshire Council, the local community and other stakeholders in the continued community led regeneration of Ferguslie Park.  The Association is also a member of Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations (GWSF) and the Federation of Local Associations in Renfrewshire (FLAIR).


Physical Hub

In 2006 after extensive community consultation the Association through the auspices of its subsidiary company The New Tannahill Centre Ltd took responsibility for the management of the Tannahill Centre in Ferguslie Park.The Tannahill Centre  is a 35000 square foot property with an annual turnover of £300,000 which lies in the heart of Ferguslie Park. It hosts facilities such as a library, doctors surgery, café, chemist, post office, nursery, learning centre, community hall and housing association office.The Centre is the hub of commercial and community facilities and services for the use primarily by the local community in Ferguslie Park.

Builds Local Capacity

In 2004 received Investors in People (IIP) accreditation; training and support for staff and management committee.

Delivers Services

The Association acts as more than a landlord – it actively promotes economic regeneration and social inclusion, within Ferguslie Park.

Develops/Manages Services

Yes. Owns and manages 784 houses plus Tannahill Community Centre.


The proposed football stadium in Ferguslie Park provides potential opportunities.

Main Achievements

• Providing excellent affordable home to rent to the local community • Taking over the ownership and management of Tannahill Centre • Developing wider role projects

What Next

Biggest Challenge

Continuing to lead the regeneration of Ferguslie Park and ensure the continued sustainability of the Tannahill Centre.

Lesson Learned

Genuine community engagement and empowerment is the key to meaningful sustainable regeneration in Ferguslie Park. However, so is leadership and a key lesson learned is that advocating residents views around micro issues will not necessarily lead to achieving the bigger vision.


To provide further much needed good quality housing in Ferguslie Park beyond the Associations existing housing stock of 800.



Robert Craig


Chief Executive

Address Line 1

The Tannahill Centre, 76 Blackstoun Road

Address Line 2

Ferguslie Park PA3 1NT