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Greener Kirkcaldy

Facts & Figures

Organisation Name

Greener Kirkcaldy

People Benefiting

The entire community. Wide range of services for people with different needs and interests.

Area Served

Kirkcaldy area (plus some projects Fife-wide)


60,000 (Kirkcaldy area)


Greener Kirkcaldy is a community-led charity and development trust working in Kirkcaldy and throughout Fife.

It would like to see a future where everyone is able to heat their home affordably, eat well, and tread more lightly on our planet. The charity works towards that by delivering projects to meet the needs of local people: tackling fuel and food poverty, improving health and wellbeing, and bringing the community together. The organisation takes a community development approach, supporting volunteers and the wider community to make Kirkcaldy a greener and fairer place to live.

Greener Kirkcaldy formed in 2009 when a group of local people got together with the aim of doing something positive for the community and the environment. They started their first project in 2010 and have grown steadily since then into a well-respected community anchor organisation which now has 20 staff, 50 regular volunteers and more than 500 members.

Legal Form

Company Limited by guarantee with Charitable Status





Earned Income

Around 20% in 2016-17, through social enterprise projects, contracts and service level agreements


Building and grounds at 8 East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy town centre: currently under refurbishment; due to open in March 2019 housing the organisation’s office base, drop-in advice service, events space and community training kitchen. Purchased by Greener Kirkcaldy in 2017 with support from Scottish Land Fund; refurbishment being funded by Big Lottery Fund.

Horticultural training centre at Ravenscraig Walled Garden, Kirkcaldy East: building and training garden. Land on long-term lease from Fife Council. Building constructed in 2017 with funding from Fife Environment Trust, Fife Council and other grant funders.


Value of assets


Roots & Links


Greener Kirkcaldy formed in 2009 when a group of local people got together with the aim of doing something positive for the community and our environment. This was a group of friends who volunteered with Friends of the Earth Fife, a local group of Friends of the Earth Scotland. They wanted to do something different from their Friends of the Earth campaigning: more local, and more practical. Most of the original founding volunteers are still involved in Greener Kirkcaldy, either as members, or staff.

Initial projects were:

The High Street Advice Centre, a drop-in space for anyone to come in for energy advice or to learn about Greener Kirkcaldy projects, events, volunteering etc. This service continues and will move to new premises in 2019.

Development of a community orchard at Ravenscraig Walled Garden. The orchard is now complemented by the Horticultural training centre at the same site.


The Board of Directors consists of 9 locally elected people who all live or work in the local community.

Community Links

Works closely with many local organisations including community centres, Kirkcaldy Community Gardens & Allotments, Food Bank, community Housing Associations etc. Involved in local community planning partnership via Welfare Reform & Anti-poverty groups, Kirkcaldy Area Local Community Planning partnership and Fife Local Housing Strategy.

External Links

Member of DTA Scotland, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network, the Senscot Community Food Social Enterprise Network, Energy Action Scotland, Community Energy Scotland and other national networks.

Park of the coordinating group of Fife Community Climate Action Network which shared learning and build capacity at a regional level.


Physical Hub

In March 2019 Greener Kirkcaldy will move into new premises in central Kirkcaldy, having previously been based in rented properties. The new Hub will include a welcoming drop-in space, advice services, an events space, a community training kitchen and kitchen garden. The events space and training kitchen will be bookable by other organisations for a fee.

The ‘Cabin’ training room and garden forms a satellite hub at Ravenscraig Walled Garden, Kirkcaldy East.

Builds Local Capacity

Has supported several local organisations to make energy-efficiency improvements to their premises and to apply for funding to carry out environmental projects. Provides training for local community groups in growing and gardening. Brings expertise in community food work, energy advice and other specialist areas to community planning partnership.

Delivers Services

Community gardening projects provide good quality volunteer opportunities, tackling social isolation and giving employability support.

Outdoor play Kids Clubs engage young people in the natural environment.

‘Smarter cooking’ project works with families on low incomes who want to learn skills to help make the most of their money. Delivers 6- to 8-week courses covering basic cookery, household money management and signposting to other support services.

Energy advice services: Greener Kirkcaldy leads the Cosy Kingdom partnership which delivers home energy advice visits to households across Fife. Works closely with Home Energy Scotland, Fife Council’s Housing Services, and many other partners. Greener Kirkcaldy advisors have helped over 4,000 households to date to save energy and money, maximise their income and tackle fuel debt. Handy service works alongside the energy advice service, fitting draught-proofing and other energy-saving measures for low-income families and vulnerable people.

Main Achievements

Greener Kirkcaldy has built credibility with key partners and a good reputation in the community for delivering useful services and fun events.

The charity’s projects make a real difference to the people it works with: Volunteering and employability projects bring people together, supporting them to develop skills and confidence; advice work helps people out of fuel and food poverty and to develop resilience against the impacts of welfare reform.

The organisation also has a measureable impact on the carbon footprint of the community and has helped to mainstream talking about climate change and the environment.

What Next

Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge is funding. Greener Kirkcaldy has been fortunate to be supported by the Scottish Government’s Strengthening Communities Programme, but currently has no core funding and is reliant on short-term grants for much of its service delivery.


Lesson Learned

  •  Partnership working helps the charity achieve more, build trust and play to its strengths
  • Greener Kirkcaldy finds it valuable to get involved in local Community Planning: it strengthens partnerships,  catalyses new opportunities and build credibility
  • The staff and volunteers appreciate, and make good use of, the support available – DTAS, COSS, the Just Enterprise programme etc


Greener Kirkcaldy recently published a Strategic Plan for 2018-23 which sets out its ambitions to become more financially sustainable. It will develop more social enterprise projects and continue to diversify its sources of charitable income.



Suzy Goodsir


Chief Executive

Address Line 1

8 East Fergus Place